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Mr Richard E Emery Wood High School  Wood High School Logo
6 June 2015 from 2:00 PM
Classes of '61, '62, '63, and '64 Luncheon
Sisters Restaurant at Madison & Terrace
No Program! No speeches! Come Eat,
Take Pix, and mostly Laugh!
 Admission is an article of clothing
of our Alma Maters School Colors!
RSVP Skip Jenkins
by 6/3/2015 for a head count.
Annual Summer Picnic  
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Harry E. Wood High School - Next Class Reunion - Next dates, time & locations to be determined later
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Harry E. Wood Vocational Training High School opened in 1953 and closed in 1978, with a curriculum focused on academics, industrial and vocational training. Wood’s mascot was the Woodchucks and the school colors were purple and gold.  Richard E. Emery was the Principal for most of time it was open.

Harry E. Wood High School opened in the fall of 1953 with the specific purpose of providing vocational education at the secondary level. The high school building was originally the home of Manual High School, built in 1895. When Manual moved to its new buildings on Madison St., Indianapolis Public Schools refurbished the old buildings with an extensive $350,000 renovation.

While vocational training was the original purpose of Wood High School, the school board decided that the primary focus would be on academics, but with exceptional facilities and curriculum to provide students with the vocational training they would need to be successful after high school. The rest of the story . . . . .
Attention - Class of 1964
CLASS of 1964 - I'm sorry to say that it's that time in your life to feel that your are finally getting old. Your 50th Anniversary Class Reunion will be on Saturday the 7th of June 2014 at the Milano Inn, 231 S. College Ave in Indy from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
For more information please download our Class of '64 Information Sheet.
Information on Our Last Reunion / Picnic
Lawrence Community Park, 5301 N. Franklin Road, Indianapolis - Saturday the 14th of August 2010 From 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Class Picnic - We  have reserved the inside and the outside so it will be rain or shine - Bring your own food and drinks, plus 2 dishes to share.  Reunion starts at 11:00 AM and we eat at 1:00 PM sharp.  This event is being organized by Marsha (Whitman) Lingle, Francis (Lucas) Rexroat, Donna (Soots) Wooldridge and Don Hawkins (I kept my last name).  Please R.S.V.P. me at mr@donhawkins.com or call me at 317-547-0500 with your contact information so I can add you to our data base.  R.S.V.P. is not required.  Bring your family and food to see old friends.
Spouse, if any
Street Address
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64 Don E. Hawkins 916 E. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-635-0500 o
317-687-0500 h

317-632-0500 c
Homeless & ReEntry Helpers, Inc.
1 Facebook
64 Mike Rexroat
Francis (Lucas) Rexroat
5831 S. Linwood Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46237
317-783-1845   2  
64 Marsha (Whitman) Lingle 12922 Fawns RIdge
Fishers, IN 46238
317-577-2777 marshalingle@yahoo.com 2 Facebook
real estate
  Donna (Soots) Wooldridge 5008 N Kath
Indianapolis, IN 46226
(317) 545-1810 h dewrocknoldies@att.net 2 Facebook
Marsh Foods
64 Pat (Cropper) Kazort 1513 S Biltmore
Indianapolis, IN 46241
317-752-5473 pakbus83@aol.com 1 Facebook
64 Steve Danz
Wanda (Kelly) Danz
7 Woodmont Ct.
Beech Grove, IN 46107
317-787-1650 wkdanz46@yahoo.com 2 Facebook
  Clara (Kelly) Overstreet 4114 E. Minnesota
Indianapolis, IN 46203
317-352-0279   1  
63 Portia (Taylor) Sallee
Paul A. Sallee
675 N. Center St.
Plainfield, IN 46168
317-839-8226 portia1@ameritech.net
  Lanny Meador
Judy (Eyster) Meador
6220 S. Carroll Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46295
317-862-2969 lwm@peoplepc.com 1  
  Joyce (Passwater) Eyter
Allen Eyster
64 Madonna (Thrasher) Quick 7828 Madison Ave. #315
Indianapolis, IN 46227
317-887-2907 h
317-294-1651 c
donnaquick46@att.net 1 Facebook
65 Mary (Saters) Botos 5434 Foxway #8
Indianapolis, IN 46237
317-371-4473 marybotos@att.net 1 Marian University
  Betty (Chandler) Cox 329 W. Old South St.
Bargersville, IN 46106
317-443-1414 c   1  
64 Glenda (Patrick) Gray 2241 W. Cr 1000 N
Jamestown, IN 46147
317-994-5281 h
317-796-2066 c
glendag@bluemarble.net 1  
  Ruth Ann Lloyd
Wasilla, Alaska
66 Roy Hingerliter   850-819-3240 c qbwood66@yahoo.com    
65 Wayne Moore & sister          
68 Nadine (Johnson) Oliver  2626 North Routiers Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
317-899-1798 jas_oliver@ameritech.net    
60 Ron Sullivan         working on a '60's reunion
  Rodney Hinsch
Susanne (wife)
  Frieda (Faulk) Hooten   317-862-9554 h     Facebook
  Reeda (Pemperton) Beam         Facebook
  Judy (Hawkins) Williams   281-296-9193 h j1wms@att.net 1  
  Nona (Hawkins) Reecer   317-852-6362 h nona47@aol.com 1  
  Rebecca Ramsey 6237 Radnor Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46226
317-549-1645   2  
teacher Bruce Laetsch       1 Donna
teacher Kenneth Eiler       1 Donna
  Ray Deitrich         contacted by Glenda
  William Gray         contacted by Glenda
  Frances Eakins         contacted by Glenda
  Wanda Gray         contacted by Glenda
  Don E. Bean 1126 Temperance Ave.
317-357-2060 docasey2002@yahoo.com   Facebook
moved to TN in '62
teacher Jean Willenberg       1 Donna
65 Patsy (Fuqua) Hubrecht       1 Donna
64 Larry Davis       1 Donna
65 Pat Davis       1 Donna
65 Judy Jones       1 Donna
65 Marilyn (Mauller) Carroll       1 Donna
  Riva Gholdson       1 Donna
  Jim Flora       1 Donna
62 Ed Jenkins skypyndy@sbcglobal.net
  Randall B. Mills   317-894-5407 randy.mills@comcast.net   Facebook
  Marcia (Martin) Jansen       0 Facebook
Will be out of town
60 Ron Sullivan   317-201-4515 rsulli97@sbcglobal.net 1 Facebook
60 Byron Morris         Facebook
68 Pauling (Maple) Ingalsbe 427 W. 3rd St.
Peru, IN 46970
pingalsbe@sbcglobal.net ? Facebook & Classmates
65 David Moore, MD   765-618-4220 drmoore@indy.rr.com 1  
  Debbie Pemberton         Facebook
  Judy (Carpenter) Timbrook         Facebook
63 Kenneth Crawley   956-391-1391 c   0 Facebook
Lives in the Philippines
  Frankie Sue (Bach) Dunn         Facebook
  Sharon Chandler          
  Judy Johnson          
  Marlene (Bales) Kloss
Raymond Kloss
8808 S. Franklin Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46259
317-862-9045 h
317-525-1153 c
kloss214@sbcglobal.net 0 Facebook
Can not make it this year
60 Mary (Driver) Heldman   317-786-6223 bigdssports@aol.com    
61 Steve Stanton
Harriett Stanton
5109 Beechwood Rd.
Avon, IN 46123
317) 718-0016 cuckoo44@sbcglobal.net 2 Facebook
66 Sharon Montgomery     rosenash1972@yahoo.com 1  
68 Rick Montgomery       2  
66 Frank Whitman         Classmates
  Lewis Johnston    317-727-1501 Lewjohnst3@sbcglobal.net 1  
Virginia (Krikpatrick) Cochran
Bobby Cochran
67 Linda Walker Greene Crossevile, TN   llg304@yahoo.com    
61 Mary (Maple) Perkinson  325 Maple
Greenwood ,In 46142
65 Sharon (Eads) Gallagher         Classmates
64 Patsy (McGinley) Jett
1036 Laurelwood Lane
Greenwood, IN  46142
  pajettgwd@att.net 1  
Jack Eakins
Barbara (Smith) Eakins
3310 Waterway Blvd.
Anderson, IN 46012
765-3931088 jackeakins45@Comcast.net 2  
69 Linda (McGinley) McAdams       1  
  Thomas Palmer Rife     trife317@gmail.com 1  
teacher Clearance Murphy 17804 Bentgrass Dr.
Noblesville, IN 46060
317-86704804   1  
  Bill Kirkpatrick 7646 Stones River Dr.
Indianapolis, 46259
317-862-9536 w.kirkpatrick@att.net 1  
64 Linda (Staples) Lindsey         Marsha
62 Ronnie Cox          
61 Steve Meadows          
62 Kenny Tadd          
62 Bill Brickley          
61 Floyd E. Hyatt
Virginia (Kratz) Hyatt
1810 Young ST.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-421-4654 h
513-520-3249 c
513-721-7944 w
  2 Facebook
64 Cheryl Surber Noblesville, IN 317-867-1198     Marsha
64 Linda Nichols Carthidge, IN 765-565-7239     Marsha
64 Linda Staples Flint, MI 812-655-2413     Marsha
  Don Eaton Indianapolis, IN 317-363-9595 DonCEaton@aol.com    
Classmates No Longer With Us - May God bless them and their families
I have been adding names to this section as people pass them on to me.  Needless to say I hope this information is correct.
64 Richard Hoover          
  Judy (Lepper) Brown          
65 Larry Orcutt          
64 Jackie Knight          
64 Mackie Knight          
64 Wilson Carter          
63 Aaron Goldsmith          
  Gene Lunday          
  Leroy Carter          
  Mike Reecer         2010
64 Tom Coons          
64 David Brown          
  Claude Dennis          
  Mike Dean          
  Virgil (VD) Lucas          
  Janey Rippley          
  Ronnie Rexroat          
  Danny Williams          
61 Harold (Jay) Montgomery         1975
  Tom Jett, Jr. Vice-Principal
& Principal
62 Edwin "Buddy" Williams         2006
62 Damon "Butch Woodrum          
  Steve Meadows          
62 Kenny Tarr          
62 Bill Brickley